Banned by AdSense

About two months ago, I use AdSense for this blog, money wasn’t my aim because I realized my blog’s traffic still low. So, they gave me a form to register, I filled the form and waited for the confirmation e-mail.

Later I got notification that my AdSense is approved, and I can put an AdCode into my blog. To be honest, I don’t know anything about scripting, WordPress coding, or whatever it is so I just do kind of “trial and error”.

Finally, Ads are live on my blog, Hooray!

But on January 19th, I got 12,000 visits (yes, not visitors), it seems strange for this *unfamous yet* blog. No, my server wasn’t down because of that, I host this blog on a great server.

Finally, I got an e-mail from Google that my AdSense is banned due to illegal click from single IP, Grrrrh!

I traced this stupid visitors, those IPs came from Russian Federation.

So, for you Russian or whoever who stay in Russian Federation and done something bad to my blog, shame on you!! Тебе конец, блин!

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